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My therapeutic approach is based on the core belief that we are designed to seek love, acceptance and attachment to and from others. Our ability to meet our needs, in a healthy and harmonious manner, can sometimes become interrupted or stunted if we do not have the internal resources to cope with life stressors. We may experience intense emotions that are difficult to manage. Emotions, such as fear, sadness, anger, shame, etc. can be overwhelming and powerful. When this happens, these emotions can manifest into unhealthy behaviors and patterns; such as challenges in relationships, difficulty setting boundaries, ruminating thoughts, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, body image issues, workplace/school challenges, controlling/aggressive behaviors, self- harming thoughts and behaviors, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, etc. Children may express their emotions differently than adult, such as having angry outbursts, irrational fears/phobias, opposition, ‘shutting down’, aggression, academic problems, avoidance, etc.

I mainly treat adults and children ages 12 years old and above. I may make some exceptions to treat children younger than age 12, based on their needs. There are some referrals that may fall outside of my scope of practice or would be a conflict of interest. Should this happen, I will not accept the referral and I will offer other suggestions or recommendations.



Tele-therapy is the delivery of therapy services using interactive video conferencing. Tele-therapy enables mental health therapist, at a distant location, to provide consultation, assessment, and treatment to me. I am now offering tele-therapy via Theraplatform.

Visit this news link for details or contact me via email for more information about my tele-therapy services.


My training is primarily directed towards treating trauma (PTSD), relationship/attachment wounds, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. I have a special interest in treating people that have been in relationships with those with personality disorders (BPD -Borderline Personality Disorder or with those with narcissistic traits/personality disorder). I also have extensive experience working with adults and children with ADHD, anger issues, anxiety, depression and adjustment challenges to life events.

I have a vast array of evidence- based training. I have included a link for you to find out more information of each treatment model, they include:

EMDR : Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing: EMDR is a tool used for PTSD/trauma. emdria.org

DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy: DBT is typically a treatment choice for those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or have difficulty regulating their emotions and challenges in their interpersonal skills. I do not offer DBT groups, but utilize the principles of DBT when appropriate. psychcentral.com

TA – Transactional Analysis: TA is used to help others obtain awareness and insight of the ego states that we all possess. This model is many times used in conjunction with other treatment approaches. ericberne.com

TF-CBT – Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Training: This training model is also used to treat trauma, specific to children. tfcbt.org

I have attended numerous training sessions on ethics, ADHD, depression, anxiety, marriage/relationships, dissociation and other symptoms, diagnosis and treatment approaches.

My style is to use a holistic approach, that is interactive, while weaving in psychoeducation. I also use a variety of techniques in session, these may include guided imagery, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping, art, writing, games, etc…

Please visit the ‘Forms’ tab and read the Professional Disclosure Statement and the Consent for Treatment to gain further information about my practice.



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